I need suggestions for anything that's helped treat your OCD, intrusive thoughts, jealousy, schizophrenia, delusional thoughts and improving rational thinking.

[PS: I am already awaiting PROFESSIONAL HELP from specialists! I know this is a first priority. I want to thank everyone for your concern :)]

Any suggestion is welcome.. I'm desperate.
I am bothered by something that shouldn't matter at all and is completely normal. I get depressed, sad, frustrated and angry.

My nootropical regime; moclobemide 300 mg, memantine 10 mg-ish, 200-300 mg l-theanine, wild alaskan fish oil, frankincense & myrrh blended with coconut oil and lecithin, black pepper, cinnamon, 2 hour working out every day (bodybuilding/cardiovascular exercise)

I am also ADD, and self-diagnosed misophonia and ASMR. I also have a lot of empathy and am emotionally sensitive which makes every day life difficult.
Your problems are most likely due to heavy metal toxicity. Every 24 hours consume barley grass, spirulina from hawai, cilantro, wild blueberries and atlantic dulse. After a few months you should see considerable improvement
Never before have we been exposed to so many poisonous substances. These include the heavy metals mercury, aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, and cadmium; air pollution; pharmaceuticals; nanotechnology chemicals sprayed on almost everything manufactured ; pesticides, herbicides , and fungicides; plastics; industrial cleaners; petroleum; dioxins in our oceans; and thousands of new chemicals introduced into our environment every year. These poisons saturate our water reservoirs and fall down from the sky. The majority of these substances
Sounds like low dopamine and I'd highly recommend following Dr. Jack Kruse to start learning how you can naturally raise your dopamine levels.

I used to have problems with anxiety and depression. And I can quickly slip back into those of I stop doing what I do to keep my dopamine up.

If you have any questions, lemme know.
I am working on dopamine. I've been using selegiline (mao-b inhibitor) and I was a heavy cannabis smoker for a while. I definitely believe it made my symptoms worse and decreased dopamine levels. I didn't even take nootropics to counter the side effects either. It helped during the high, but I can't be high all the time because I get anxious and not so productive and it's also very taboo where I live.
Take a course in mindfulness meditation. Even better go away on a retreat for it. It teaches us to separate from our thoughts and makes us realise we are not our thoughts. And not to believe everything we tell ourselves. You could do some hypnotherapy while waiting for your appointments. Hang in there. Get in the sun too. Northern countries not good for us. Read up on some of Dr Jack Kruse work. Also think some Wim Hoff would do you wonders. Nothing like freezing your nads off in some ice water to switch off your inner critic. True happiness by mark Atkinson a good book. Have you tested your Vit D? Also would consider seeing an FDN for test. Check your hormones, gut biome etc. And your nutrient levels. Mind and body all connected and serotonin mainly made in the gut. Btw you've done the hardest thing asking for help. Means there's hope as you're not accepting this as your lot
"[...] OCD, intrusive thoughts, jealousy, schizophrenia, delusional thoughts..."

I'm not sure there's a substance to regulate jealousy, but regarding intrusive thoughts, symptoms typical of schizophrenia such as paranoia, irrationality, delusions and hallucinations, the best advice is to seek professional psychiatric assistance.

That's all anyone here without a medical degree can safely advise.
Hello. You sound like a sensitive and sensible hyperactive fellow, the main problems probably lay with the dopaminergic and adrenergic pathways. Some of the nootropics you use have of course additive excitatory effects which may worsen some of the symptoms that bother you. You already use a MAO, a NMDA-Antagonist and other stimulants which cumulatively potentiate overstimulation. Subjective depression may sometimes be only a reactive expression of personality traits and accentuation and does not necessarily mean depression per se. You sound like a smart guy who's trying to get approximate solutions on Google and Facebook, which may lead only to unsatisfying empirical results, not that the guys here are not trying to give their best, from what I've read above. It's probably because your experimenting is not specifically cut to your real needs. Find a young, smart and open-minded Psychiatrist and secondly a Psychologist to verify these specific needs and then decide what to try next. An objective second professional opinion (also a third and maybe a fourth one) will bring you more insight and perhaps alleviation of your symptoms. BTW, if you do steroids or testosterone enhancers for sport please stop them immediately, they surely contribute to the whole imbalance. Best regards, I wish you all the best.
Memantine. You should get genetic testing done (23andme, then upload raw data to SelfDecode) to see if you have any predispositions to the issues you are experiencing. If any are present, then you'll know with greater certainty which medications and/or supplements to look into.
In all honesty. If you suffer from the symptoms of schizophrenia and delusions Nootropics are not going to help you with that. For that you would be wise to seek medical help and treatment from somewhere professional like a doctor. Best of luck to ya.
It appears that nicotinic A7 agonism/upregulation is beneficial for what you seek. If you don't mind frequently dosing something than pure nicotine might be OK (but probably not sustainable) however I'd recommend you try Memantine and Lobelia Inflata (both A7 antagonists which upregulate the receptor with chronic admin.) before Nicotine due to their less addictive nature. Memantine is subtle, yet powerful in it's own way. Lobelia mostly feels like Nicotine lite but theres vitrually no addictiveness and some anti-addictive effects. Being a VMAT2 inhibitor it can reduce dopamine at higher doses, providing a very mild sedative effect, while doing the opposite in low doses (mild stimulation). Still, the stimulation is less than Nicotine. Memantine only becomes really dissociative-like in higher doses, at 10mg it feels like Magnesium or Agmatine but with a bit more "kick" to it. 20mg was too much for me (surreal LSD kinda feeling with cartoon-esque outlines in my vision, but no trip) and I think for someone using it as a nootropic 10mg is perfect.
I went through abou2-3 years of heavy psycadelic use, various forms of Dmt, different nbomes, lots of dissacoiatives, i had horrible hppd, I saw like flannel shirt style lines behind everything for about 2 years after I stopped using dumb stuff. It's gotten better finally, about 2 years later. Now I take various nootropics, teas, eat better, and it all seemed to help.
cognitive behavioral therapy? actually read that weed helps
There is some debate whether it is a nootropic but, Memantine has shown promise in reducing obsessive thought patterns
Tianeptine or Phenibut might be worth as shot.
Memantine and Ashwagandha combo cured my anxiety and OCD
A thread on /r/nootropics had a guy completely cure his OCD by using memantine, but it's a really tricky substance, some people get immense brain fog by titrating low and going up, while some get minimal brain fog by doing the same. Good luck with it. Try and stay clear of amphetamines/stims, they usually only help short term
Best antidepressants that most docs don't use for depression (not sure about ocd): nefazodone, phenelzine, tranylcypromine, reboxetine, tianeptine. Buspar helps some for anxiety, others no effect. Lamictal is very useful for mood stabilization. Nobody prescribes nardil/parnate MAOIs above because of dangerous interactions with certain foods but they were really great and useful for many.
my partner has OCD and that includes really enjoying cleaning things spotless white and ocd on bad thoughts too. or anxious thoughts.
Ashwagandha is the main item but has it with shatavari and astragalus. and thats all gone. there is essentially immediate relief and after taking it for a week, she will notice a gradual return of senseless anxieties start to rise after 3 or 4 days.
Look up milk thistle and OCD.
It seems to be that NSI-189 and Memantine have almost totally cured my OCD. My OCD was very, very bad. I still get my moments but not nearly as bad as I did previously. Also, dopaminergic drugs don't set off my OCD anymore either. I just took a 5mg Ritalin and usually my OCD gets worse with dopamine and norepinephrine, norepinephrine more so than dopamine but my OCD is still almost non existant.

There have been many reports that people respond differently to certain drugs after running a cycle of NSI-189. Some people get adverse reactions to gabaergic drugs where they cause anxiety in the individual but after NSI-189 they dont get that. For me, I tried running Memantine in the past before this last cycle and I gave up due to sides. I ran NSI-189 for 10 days while on it and I was able to push through and the side effects start.
Inositol highish dose. Just Google: inositol ocd
L-Theanine, Magnesium Threonate
But it's wired into your habits no doubt so it's a willpower thing which takes psychological effort to change in addition to possible use of supplements.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
I've been trying for for some other disorder, and I've noticed some results. It helps with lots of stuff.
I have a friend who just started CBD oil 2 weeks ago, and has shown great improvments. He even quit smoking weed.

I think anxiety may drive to OCD. try anxiety noots and see if those work for you.
Whatever helps, need for my husband. He's dead set serious that we are all out to disorganize his life.

A lot of OCD not only have rituals but tons of anxiety if their routine becomes disrupted. This anxiety is palpable. There is also hoarding and organization of like things that he won't discard. Stereos, radios. All unused all stacked, and all getting on my last nerve.

Kratom helps him, as well as ashwagandha. Also staying away from alcohol helps him too.
NAC has some research underway for treatment of mild to moderate OCD symptoms, anecdotally it seems to reduce the amount of time I stay stuck on things that cause anxiety. If full NMDA antagonism sounds too scary, you could try Agmatine or Noopept, they both have partial NMDA antagonism along with other beneficial effects.
Memantine is probably the best thing I've used to calm my OCD tendencies.... Plus it has leveled out my sporadic mood swings. Tianeptine is amazing for anti-depressant properties. Agmatine prevents tolerance to many things. Ksm-66 is a good send when it comes to anxiety look up HEALTH THRU NUTRITION ashwagandha on amazon, instant happiness and stress relief. NOT only that but sex drive and the sex is amazing when taking it. L-theanine calms the effects of stimulants.
Memantine. Bacopa. Selegiline. Moclobemide. Theanine and/or Agmatine
Psylocybin can really help break you out of mental patterns (at least short term and give u insight) Meditation, exercise.and most importantly, helping others. Get outside of yourself. People with OCD are often self obsessed. It's fear. jealousy is fear.See a therapist who can help you understand unresolved traumas...ultimately drugs, won't fix you long term, you will go back to your behaviors. It's the unresolved emotional stuff that your body And mind holds onto that is the driver and thats why its so hard to change. It's outside of the intellect
Cognitive behavioral therapy helped me with all of those issues. Genetic testing also revealed many gene mutations that lead to extremely low-functioning neurotransmitters, which causes OCD intrusive thoughts, anxiety, depression...since treating with l-methylfolate (and CBT), I consider myself practically cured.
I also smoked daily for approx 20 years. I'm in your boat. When I quit, I FOUND myself again. I discovered who I really am. It also allowed me to think clearly enough to put the CBT to use.

I would wake up every single morning to obsessive, awful, intrusive thoughts. It set the tone for my entire day.

My suggestion? Stop smoking. Get genetic testing. Find a good behavioral therapist. I hope you find relief.
Magnesium (mega-dose) helped with OCD-like symptoms!

I've been supplementing with magnesium for years, but apparently I wasn't taking nearly enough. When I began taking 2 (Doctor's Best chelated brand) pills every few hours just to see what would happen, a few hours later I began noticing massive changes physiologically and mentally.

Apparently a great deal of my issues trace back to low or insufficient levels of magnesium. I even went as far as getting blood results back (in 2013) that indicated my levels were low (1.7, versus 1.9-3.7), but the supplementation I embarked upon following wasn't nearly sufficient. That is, I'd take 400mg split daily, but it was apparently nowhere near what I needed.

When I entered the many grams per day range (200mg every few hours), that's when the situation began to improve. I'm now going to try to get magnesium oil (or whatever version is absorbed through the skin) in order to increase the amount of magnesium I'm ingesting at any particular time. I'm hoping this will correct everything. It's also great, as I'll have a visual indicator (a white film lingering on the skin) to tell me that my body has enough magnesium and is therefore not absorbing anymore.
Ssri's have high success rate in treating ocd but the side effects scare me. I use memantine & moclobemide mostly
I have OCD and did LSD and psilocybin pretty extensively for about 7-8 years. Overall it was hugely positive for me but did nothing to alleviate compulsions. I don't have the "obsession" component to OCD so for me it is not a mental disorder, rather a biological one. Actually OCD is all biological in nature.If I had had any obsessions I don't know if it would have been the same experience. Psychedelics only increase your current mental state ten-fold. Negative thoughts WILL be amplified, please don't experiment without a guide.
I have a feeling that you need to replace one thing with another thing. Start meditating, eating clean, whole and organic foods, drink the cleanest water you can find, start making your own fermented foods and start really working.

Start really dealing with the issues at hand and take them on head first. You sound very lost, which is not a bad thing, as you will leaern the most during these times, but time to switch gear. ADHD,ADD, OCD, addiction are just used to label those that are easy targets.

Start the real healing by learning about yourself and meditating and eating clean. Replacing one chemical with another is not the solution at all. Humans tend to replace one thing with another and the cycle continues.

You can do it, step by step. Its a big effort but can be done. Believe in yourself!
Psychodinamic Psychotherapy is good. Or begin with the guidelines....Clomipramine the most used for OCD, and the third generation wave of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. But for more deep insigth, Psychoanalsys......
Do NOT use high THC cannabis strains. Antipsychotic like CBD helped me a lot. N-acetyl-cysteine too. Takes a couple of weeks for effects to occur IME. Moclobemide and Theanine helped me too, agmatine, krill oil, spending time in nature, exercise, music and having a job/purpose

All these factors together almost eliminated my OCD

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