I was just prescribed Adderall. My doc is easing me into it bc I took it once when I was a kid for ADHD and it made my already hothead into a nuke-head lol.
May I ask, what is the normal dosage that helps those that are taking it, too?
I only take adderall in the late afternoon as a pick me up if I have evening responsibilities. Although I used to take 10mg fours times a day, but my body built a tolerance really fast I think I was on it for only 6 months.
I think a week is fine, but it depends on your body. If after 5 days, you feel nothing, i think its probably ok to increase by 5mg. I went from 5 mg twice a day to 10 mg in the am and 5 mg in the pm after 5 days and then to 10 mg twice a day after about a week. Ive been on this dose since early september and its working much better than other stims for me. But everyone is different.
my prescription is written for 10mg tablets. I am given the freedom to take it as I please. On the weekends I usually only take 30mg in the am and sometimes don't take any more throughout the day. For my, I've found that it's the morning dose that gives me the most benefit...I really don't feel I get much from any other doses throughout the day. I have taken up to 50mg As a morning does like if I've had a long drive our something like that.
I take 30 mg in the morning and 30 in the afternoon. I have a 10 mg tab that I usually take in the morning but can take in the afternoon depending on what my day looks like. I'd love to up my dose but I will put that off as long as I can make do and get thru my day
It has different effects for different people. My husband can't tolerate 5 mg due to blood pressure. I take 20 mg up to three times a day, as does my daughter - who has permission to take up to 100 mg total in a day as needed for times of stress. Follow your doctor's guidance and your own feelings/reaction.
I started on 10mg XR (extended release) once a day and stayed there for months. I want to say maybe up to a year. It was really rough on me at first, so I can't imagine upping the dosage so quickly, but everyone is different. Eventually the XR had me crashing later in the day, so I switched to the IR so I could customize my dosing, so to speak. Now I take Nuvigil on waking, 20mg Aderall around 10am if I'm still feeling sluggish, and then 10-20mg in the afternoon as needed for driving, etc. I took as much as 50mg when I was working full time and it still wasn't enough, but that was during a time of extreme stress and before I started Xyrem.

Good luck! Take it slow and take care of yourself.
I started with 5mg x2 daily. That was 4 years ago. My first couple of weeks were like someone opened the window blinds, I felt wonderful. Sadly my body's tolerance rate is fast. I have tried nearly all the stims w/o combos and I would still fall asleep. Five months ago as a last resort my doctor switched back to Adderall and upped the dosage to 80mg morning, 3hrs later I take 10mg and if needed 3hrs later another 10mg. Problem is if I take the second and third dose it's like a sleeping pill.
Please don't let this discourage you. Everyone reacts differently to all meds and I hope you can find the right dosage quickly.
"According to the FDA max dosage for Adderall is 60mg in 24 hours"
I take 5mg up to 4 times a day, usually two in the morning and then one in the afternoon and early evening. It's not enough to keep me from sleeping if I lay down, but it's usually enough to keep me from starting to nod off at work and stuff. And that's all I take.

I purposely try to keep my dosage low to minimize physical dependency because I've had two roommates take 100 mg+ /day recreationally. I know it's not enough to make me feel "normal" but I had N for at least 10 years prior to being diagnosed so being tired is just what I've kinda always known.
I apologize; I don't have time to read the preceding comments.

There is no "normal" dose of stimulants; it depends on a lot of things like how severe your N is; your body weight, activity level, etc. Also in almost every state there is no upper limit on what may be prescribed; this is a common lie that docs tell patients when they are uncomfortable writing higher doses.

When it comes to these drugs you need what you need. However, if Adderol is aggravating your emotional issues whatever they may be, ask for Vyvance instead. From what I understand it is a nicer sort of experience.
I do 15mg twice a day. Unfortunately Adderall never really did much to get me out of bed. It wasn't until I started taking Xyrem that I could get out of bed reliably.
I have never taken it but my son took the extended release plus Ritalin short acting. I set his alarm clock half an hour early and had the Ritalin and water on the nightstand. It was a dual alarm and when the second went off he would take the Adderall and if needed would take a second Ritalin during the school day. We had to switch because it caused severe anxiety and made his ocd much worse.
I also take up to 60 mg a day of Adderall. I still have trouble getting out of bed. In fact the only time I notice that I take Adderall is when I don't take it and I feel exhausted (forgetting is another of my superpowers).
My doctor also prescribes 15 mg doses of regular Adderall in addition to the 60mg Adderall XR I take. This is supposed to provide me with a quick lift I guess - I almost never use it.
I have Tue worst time getting out of bed. I think its from eds. And I take 60 mg dose a day. Talk to your doctor if you feel it isn't enough. They always start at at lowest and work the way up. I started at 20, then 40, now 60 which I barely ever need 60
I'm also on adderall I take a full dose of 30mg in the morning and depending on how I'm feeling/how much I have to get done I take a half a dose in the afternoons. But for trouble waking up, my doctor recommended setting an alarm an hour before you want to get up and taking the adderall then so that by the time you want to wake up it's kicking in! Alsooooo I purchased one of those alarm clocks that rolls of your nightstand and you have to chase it to turn it off
I'm on 20 mg Adderall dosage 2-3 times a day. My doc has had patients on 100 mg a day, but he doesn't see much change in effectiveness at doses higher than that. My daughter has the ability to increase hers (she's on the same dose I am) to up to 100 mg a day as needed for short periods of stressful times or times she absolutely requires more awake time in a day (like exams).
I take 20mg twice a day. Most days I split my second dose into two doses and feel fine.
7am-20mg adderall dose + 1/2 caffeine pill

12-1pm I take 10mg

4-5pm 10mg

You aren't supposed to take it within 6 hours of bed I believe and I can't go to bed before midnight because my body will think it's a nap so taking it later in the day works well for me.
I take two doses of 25mg
One when I first wake up and another a few hours later so that way the addy lasts longer throughout the day. Take it as soon as you wake up, without food & you'll feel it!
I was diagnosed about 22 years ago. I've been on Dexedrine tablets for about 15 years. They just recently increased my dosage to 10mg twice daily. In the past I've switched up and tried other meds like Ritalin, Provigil, Nuvigil and Dexedrine ER and none of them worked. I always go back to regular Dexedrine. I hated Dexedrine ER. Ive always wondered how I would do on Adderall but I've never tried it. I have Sleep Apnea and Narcolepsy without Cataplexy. I too have trouble waking up in the mornings that's why I set about 10 alarms...LoL. Alot of times I do what another lady on here said she does, I take my meds and then lay back down so when I wake up I will be all ready to go.
I may not have to read all the comments to state that I most likely take more amphetamines than anyone else I've heard of. I take dextroamphetamine. My neurologist says its what used to be called "pure speed" back in the 70's. (my analogy, not his...) I take the maximum allowed by law on a daily basis, which is 6 - 10 mg tablets.
Of course I started on much milder drugs, thru aderall, until we got to dextroamphetamine. The doc told me that if that didn't work, his "gun would be empty". Fortunately, 60 mg's daily does about as reasonably well as possible. For more clarity on my situation, I also have Sjogren's Syndrome. One of the main features of SS is fatigue. Okay, I'm worn out now, I need a nap zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

PS I've had days where even 60 mg's of dextroamphetamine isn't enough to keep me reasonably awake (reasonably being a very relative term....)
Adderall 15 MG twice a day. XR didn't seem to work as well for me. I find myself supplementing with caffeine. Feels reasonable, but less targeted than I would like.
I take 30 mg up to 3 xs a day. When school is in I don't have to take that much because I can get naps in the summer now that's a different story with the kids and no naps. Try to get your dr to do 3 months at a time. That's what my dr does .

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