Opinions about modafinil and ashwagandha?

 I am especially curious about ashwagandha opinions of yours. Personally speaking the effects that I noticed in the past after using ashwagandha were: -sleep is deeper, more realistic-like, -waking up with this herb was a piece of cake -very good natural feeling of euphoria even have occured couple of times, the mood lift lasted basicly from the time you woke up to like 1-2hours up I think.

And back there I didn't even know how to take Ashwa, no I know that pepper upgrade the amount of ashwa that our organism can absorb, and that you should take it only with meals (probably because it dissolves in fat).

I don't know what's going un, but currently haven't notice anything particularry good... Maybe because I take many other nootrops and it's hard to distinguish good effects of Ashwa while you have rather a good mood anyways...

Whoever tried it feel invited to share your opinion now:) Did anyone used it ocasionally and noticed some effects after single dosages?


 Ashwagandha is a great adjunct to stimulants in a similar way to Theanine because they both modulate GABA but Ashwagandha also has many other effects on hormones and the immune system. For example it reverses MAO inhibition so it can be a good first line intervention in case of over-inhibition, and it improves sleep while also increasing testosterone. The stuff I use the most is actually grown in Oregon, as its in the nightshade family the plant is very sensitive to environmental contaminants and quality varies depending on the soil and care. The other standardized blends are all differing effects but this one is definitely made to be full-spectrum and high potency

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