What is the best alternative to phenibut in the treatment of anxiety induced insomnia? My phenibut use is up around 2-3 times per week and that's with me forcing myself not to take it. Haven't taken any since Saturday night, but idk how much longer I can go on lack of sleep. Looking for something with a similar effectiveness. Theanine doesn't really do it for me anymore.

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Melatonin should work just fine alternative to phenibut. In an anarchist state we wouldn't be having this conversation, because a pharmacy could sell you whatever the heck they were OK with selling you. I'm not a libertarian, because that's conservative talk for corporatist. I am a left anarchist, and if I ran for political office, my first act would be to close that office. Austrian economics refers to a school of thought in economics and has nothing at all to do with the government in Austria.

Fasoracetam upregulates gaba receptors, so you can come back to baseline with phenibut.Bacopa upregulates Gaba receptors but in the long-term. I have heard about bacopa+ashwa+magnesium stack for sleep (as a plus ashwa has anabolic properties). I think magnolia is the more interesting herb... positive allosteric modulation of the gaba receptor? o:... the other its fasoracetam, short term upregulation of the gaba receptor. Finally Kava, its effective like a benzo, but upregulates the receptor, so the are not tolerance problems.


The only Phenibut alternative medicine I know is Ani. Aniracetam has anti anxiety effects. I'd definitely recommend it for nootropics that help with anxiety.


Personally, I find 5HTP very effective for anxiety. I know others here think it is the devil but works well for me.


I was also told not to promote 5htp here, but when I was taking it, my impulsivity and addictions greatly reduced. Mainly, my want to smoke cannabis or drink beer. I was also taking GABA at night which I believe also helped. I think my serotonin levels are not always cool, hence my adhd/impulsivity/addictive personality. My friend is also using the e cigarette and he already has cut down on the amount of smoking per day. Also, all the adaptogens like bacopa, ashwagandha, tyrosine, should help with the stress from taking in less tobacco. I definitely recommend L theanine as well, it's cheap, and has helped me a lot, since I like caffeine. And the main thing that is going to help you quit or reduce intake the most, is changing your habits and the people you hang around with, when smoking cigarettes.


Pregabalin , gabapentin , baclofen / combo are the best phenibut replacements.


Ashwaghanda gaba theanine, try to search through reddit r/nootropics


fasoracetam or picamilon... without the withdrawal problem of phenibut


Baclofen is an approved drug for alcoholism treatment in various countries including France and it's way safer than many substances discussed here, including phenibut. Any GABAergic drug is dangerous IF YOU ABUSE IT. Phenibut has a lot of different simultaneous mechanisms with cascading consequences we don't understand (blocks the α2δ voltage-dependent calcium channels, β-phenethylamine antagonism, GABA-B agonist...). Baclofen's mechanism of action is well identified: it's mainly a potent GABA-B agonist, period. Phenibut's abuse potential is much higher than Baclofen's. You should use phenibut with caution :) . Try not to consume it more than once per week. I recommended you to TRY Baclofen in order to see which one of phenibut's mechanism of action works for you. If you notice that it provides you similar effects than phenibut, then you're up to something: it would mean that it's the GABA-B agonism that gives you the desired effects.

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