I am in a bit of a pickle. I started taking phenibut at very high doses and now I want to come off of it completely. I have been tapering and didn't do much research about dependence for this. Can anyone help?

You need to carefully taper down 100mg per day. If you take 20mg fasoracetam a couple hours before your daily dose and then 20mg more every 6 hours it will make the taper a breeze. If your in the 4 gram plus a day range you can taper back 300 to 500 mg a day until you reach the 2 gram level. Then you want to slow it down. Once you reach a gram you can quit and just take 20mg fasoracetam 3 to 4 times a day for 4 days and you will be good. Those 4 days won't be fun but will be tolerable. A little kratom for those few days will help with the minor aches and pains and keep your anxiety at bay.
I quit 2gs cold turkey and the withdrawals were pretty mild compared to benzo/barbiturate withdrawal. If it were me id cold turkey it it's honest only four to five days of being uncomfortable but you can taper down 300mgs daily if that works better or as someone else said just switch to fasc and taper down.
My point is coming off two grams was like coming off 10mg valium. There's a lot of horror stories on phenibut withdrawal and it's just really not that intense.

When it comes to drug dependency the intensity of withdrawal and abrupt discontinuation often triggers psychosomatic withdrawal symptoms - you think you are going to feel like hell so in turn you do. Cold turkey or taper just keep yourself busy and exercise daily and you can be off the stuff in two weeks with little discomfort. Could look into mega dose ashwagandha it mimics as a GABA agonist. L dopa personally helps me with restless very well.
I had a friend who took phenibut for roughly 6-7 months starting@1-2 grams qday and gradually escalated her dose to 8-10 grams qday. She had done little if any research and had no idea what phenibut withdrawal was.. she tried to cold-turkey it this past summer and within 12-24 hours went into a psychosis.

Granted, there were different variables at play. She had just given birth in February, and used phenibut to self treat postpartum depression/anxiety. It was a frightening situation. She had a 7 month old daughter, and was having thoughts of harming her. In her words, it was like "demons were in her head."

At that time, I was still relatively new to the nootropics community, and had not the pleasure of being able to consult with the fine folks of this group.

To try and make a long story short, luckily I was able to utilize a couple contacts I knew from working in the medical field, and after some of the most intense research of my life (I was scared shitless for this poor girl and her infant), I found an ncbi study using a baclofen taper, and an awesome open minded dr (who I am blessed to count as a friend) who agreed to treat her and also used gabapentin in conjunction with the baclofen. She was successfully tapered, and the baclo/gaba combo phased out, and both she and her babygirl are doing well today, I am glad to say.

It's not my wish to unnecessarily frighten anyone. But at the same time, in light of harm reduction, it's prudent to not downplay the reality of how hellish withdrawal can be from this substance.
quit the shit cold turkey and stay in bed for 3 days and ull be back to normal. hop on phenibut for a few weeks straight and your life will be hell for two whole weeks when you come off. Its like withdrawling off of low dose benzos and gbl/ghb at once. You would honestly be using a harder drug to come off a lighter drug
If you can keep use to only 3-5 days then it will help a lot, but its very difficult to not trade addictions. I traded addictions for 5 whole years. dope to suboxone to benzos to pot back to subs to pot to benzos to suboxone back to vicodin to ephedrine to god knows what. It feels good to finally be free.
I take 2.5g of phenibut twice a week no tolerance issues sometimes I dose 3 grams never anything above that anything above that gets gross and sleepy time hits lol
I've gone on and off (based on if I run out and just don't have money or want to budget my supplement money for more) for the last year or so, sometimes taking different increments nearly daily, sometimes taking up to two grams max at a time, and I have literally never noticed any negative symptoms.. not sure if there's just days when I run out where I'm maybe not noticing that I'm more anxious or uncomfortable, but I'm inclined to think that's not the case since I am typically highly sensitive to the correlation between what I consume and how I feel.

Always follow the dosing instructions. I am an addict...in every meaning of the word...and this one got me, not once...but twice. I started off in small doses, but the tolerance was so bad, I was up to very high doses in no time at all. The next thing I knew...I was taking it every single day. Especially if you have an addictive personality...this is one to avoid. My first time around I ended up in a drug induced coma for 2 weeks...waking up and had no idea where I was. Following that came 3 months in a mental health/addiction hospital. My now second time around...in April of this year...I decided I wanted to quit drinking without any sort of treatment. Well...things escalated very quickly. I kept drinking and taking the phenibut. Earlier in November this year, phenibut stopped working and I was in withdrawal everyday...no matter how much I took. Sure...I got some minor relief from taking more...but it was very short lived. PM me if you want to know doses I was at. Finally...after praying for months...I got an answer. I got some benzodiazepines and took them for a few days and quit the phenibut. Its been 3 weeks tomorrow! Some days are good...others really suck. The anxiety and post acute withdrawal is the worst. I tried to get help for a long time for this...but all doctors turned me down...saying they didn't know how to detox me from something they didn't know about. I cried myself to sleep...I felt they could learn about it online...but didn't have the time for me or to learn more about it. Seriously...please follow dosing instructions!! Especially if you have an addictive personality and go over the dosing instructions...this could be Hell for you! Look it up...I'm not the only one. While used properly and safely...this can be a good thing. If not...you have been warned. I feel the worst for anyone going through actual benzodiazepines withdrawal...it's much worse than this...and I can't imagine anything worse. I've been through opiate withdrawal before...and I thought that was bad. Please...my good people.. Be safe and take care

You probably shouldn't take Josh too seriously. While I have no reason to suspect that Josh is lying, he is assuming that everyone will have the same withdrawal symptoms that he had. That's absolutely ridiculous. Some people report psychosis from phenibut withdrawal. Josh can't possibly say that you'll just be "uncomfortable" for three days. This is especially true when taking into account that you haven't specified your dose. Everyone experiences phenibut withdrawal differently. For me, I just get a little restless for a few days while other people go psychotic. There's no way to know how any given individual will react.

 If your using 2 grams or more a day just break down 100mgs a day and you will have 0 discomfort. The withdrawal hype is overblown if your using a low dose. One thing all the horror stories have in common is extremely excessive use


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I am currently in the midst of phenibut dependence, roughly 5 grams a day, with an ongoing Kratom dependence as well. Due to my research, I plan to experiment a couple days of cold turkey with the help of Gabapentin and Fasoracetam. If it proves that it is tolerable, I will continue the cold turkey until I am completely off the phenibut, and then use Fasoracetam for further GABA upregulation. The worst part about this entire experience is that I knew that phenibut was going to develop a dependence, I just kept telling myself that I'll stop in x days, or x weeks. I am an addict through and through, and have no business dealing with substances like phenibut. I urge everybody to do your research, as the withdrawal you are facing with phenibut is unlikely to be as horrible as you imagine it will be. (Unless you are taking 10+ grams a day).
Phenibut seems to be one of the more variable substances available in terms of personal response to both withdrawal and protracted use. It can be something of a life-ruiner for addictive personalities with comorbid anxiety disorders. A taper works, dagny's post is probably your best bet as fasoracetam is purported to essentially reverse the damage to GABA-B receptors which contribute to the more agonizing aspects of the withdrawal like the sweats, severe agitation, etc. Phenibut also seems to have dopaminergic effects though, and my taper was marked by a pretty heavily diminished mood, total lack of motivation, etc. Keeping yourself busy is critical, as is exercise (the most underrated treatment to this particular withdrawal by far) and in my experience some basic meditation helped. After jumping off (around 100mg mind you) I had fairly intense panic for a week during my second withdrawal, which was even more unpleasant than my first given that the phenibut had largely lost effect. Whatever happens during your taper, don't go back. It's even worse the second time around due to the kindling effect which can occur after several episodes of withdrawal from alcohol and other GABA-ergics. You may feel like trash but it's better than wasting years of your life on phenibut.

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