Phenylethylamine Vs Phenibut?
Completely different compounds. They are both very short sighted. Pea lasts at most a half hour and phenibut is just a gabaergic. Nootropics are not effective treatments for anxiety or depression. Phenibut is not a nootropic. It is addictive, and has severe withdrawal effects, like most gabaergics. Did you know that benzodiazepine withdrawal is one of only a few potentially terminal withdrawals? A nootropic does not cause death, even in withdrawal.

"Always use Noofen exactly as your doctor has told you."
Because it's not something you should use to self-medicate disorders with.

"The course of treatment - 2-3 weeks."
Because again, addiction and withdrawals that can outweigh the benefits.
I use rhodiola daily. Agreed on that. Phenylethylamine lasted for me longer than an hour. I also megadosed it a few hundred to 1000mg stuff like that. I wouldn't recommend daily though. Good exercise/movement and water/food. And remember there is always a next...
phenibut is great, it is really awesome. But there has to be some strategy involved and self-control, definitely. It is very easy to abuse, get carried away with. I Taper every dose with a smaller one 12 hours later, and then take a break for at least 24 hours. no side effects while consuming the stuff for me, only when quitting cold turkey after eating more than a gram of the stuff a day for 2 months
something about gaba-b receptors or something? If I drank a little bit every day for 2 months, and quit, would I notice the same extremely-uncomfortable side effects? I compare it to alcohol, because I think it is a gaba-B activator as well as phenibut. I know phenibut also releases dopamine into synapses, like I assume alcohol does as well.

have you heard of Kava being a dopamine inhibitor? allowing for more to build up or something? is there some kinda dopamine syndrome ?
Phenibut is a phenylethylamine agonist, they work in so vary many different ways im not sure how you could compare them in a VS situation.

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