Phenylpiracetam / L-theanine / Alpha GPC /  Noopept / Adrafinil / Aniracetam
any thoughts on this stack for a newbie?
I don't think you need both phenylpiracetam and noopept at the same time; they are very similar but both wonderful nootropics, and I take both.....May I make a suggestion: switch ever few days and take one for 2-3 days and then take the other for 2-3 days and see if that works for you, also less expensive.....Also both phenylpiracetam and noopept are fat soluble so take after a meal or after fish oil, etc....even a spoon of coconut oil, olive oil, etc. for optimum effect....Be well....Be Happy.....yogi, tucson desert....also include aniracetam as one you switch on and off, and it too is fat soluble......
Looks good.
Adrafinil never did anything for me (pm me if you would like to source modafinil, or armodafinil)
I'm on the fence with noopept as far as effectiveness, but if you over for it, you might get "robot brain"
Phenyl piracetam won't be sustainable on a daily basis. I'd keep it to 3x (+/-) a week.
Aniracetam is one of my favorites.
Good luck!
I do agree the Noopept and the Phenyl-Piracetam probably aren't necessary together, I'd take the Noopept out. And if you are going to go with Adrafinil, I agree with the post above me, just go with Modafinil. There are plenty of legitimate and easy sources to get it from.
I can't talk for you or anybody else - but I would try them singularly for a while a time, requires patience - i have all the items listed in this stack and personally I would find it overkill the Phenyp/Adra combo alone is kind of synergistic stack in its own right - I wouldn't want the interference from the other stuff while it did it's work. But that's me. ................. respectfully, I would suggest you slow it down a little if this is all new to you, might do more harm than good.
Thats bullshit about that adrafinil dmg liver and it looks stupid more when people who drink alcohol - a yeast's poops tells that something what is taking from time to time dmg liver. There are reseraches that modafinil have similar toxic for liver and nobody get problems with liver after taking it for years.
I think you should take Phenylpiracetam and Adrafinil(500mg) in day when you really need to be in your best mode. Try middle doses of other nootropic and notice that too much can make you tired, sleepy and give headache.
You cant smash brain with nootropic If you dont overdose for years and next thing is that a most of nootropic have zero dmg on brain. ZERO people taking it for years and only get better brain health. There was research about high level of glutamate after taking really big doses of some nootropic drugs, yes it can be dangerous but after years of overdosing. JUST take what you want without too big doses I recommend middle doses for 3-4 months and take a break/change supplements.
Thanks heaps :)
Ill do phenylpiracetam & adrafinil and do the L- theanine/Alpha GPC/noopept at small doses?
I think when you buy these things you should first try a middle dose of phenylopiracatam and adrafinil and watch how you feel and then you will know how much you need to take before exams or something. Other nootropic must be taking everyday for 2 weekends to start working. Noopept and aniracetam are fat solubility so when you take them you should take too omega 3/eat something with fats. You cant overdose l-thenine and alpha gpc. Phenylopiracetam and adrafinil are expensive so I think better chose for start would be to buy noopept(45 mg/day) and aniracetam(I dont know just middle/or recommended, I taken piracetam a half dose of what people was using and it worked awesome on me) + omega 3 + alpha GPC and take it for 3 mounts. If you will need stronger things buy phen and adrafnil(start dose for me was 500mg look prince god...). L-theine and others similar sleepy things are good after too big doses of modafinil, metylophenidate, caffeine etc. You can take piperine too or spicy food to make better digestibility of supplements.
Start with small, allergy and tolerability tests first. A few milligrams.

I'd also recommend you try each Nootropic individually at the lower end of dosing range, but above a threshold dose (amt it takes to work). That way you will understand how each Nootropic affects you individually.

Theanine: 50 mg Is relatively safe starter dose. Some people dose up to 200 mg. The only contraindication for Theanine is don't combine with Blood Pressure meds, this may cause your BP to drop too low.

PhenylP works very well for energy. A starter dose for a day is 100 mg total. Duration 4-6 hrs. Great for physical activities.

Aniracetam is very calm focus and doses are usually 750 mg. I go as.low as 325 mg in stacks and have good results.

Noopept is 10 mg x 3 a day. It is cumulative and subtle. Takes 10-14 days to really have positive effects on your memory.

Adrafinil is a good for wakefulness and is a nice stand alone Nootropic. The liver cleaves a methyl group off the Adra to convert to Moda, that's why many people believe it can be hepatotoxic. I have included it in my rotation for a couple of years and my liver enzymes were fine at my last physical. BUT, I use sparingly 2-3x a month and do cycles of Milk thistle every few months to help cleanse.

Alpha GPC is also good as a stand alone Nootropic and I keep it in rotation because of benefits. I like the HGH increase and neuroprotection.

You are probably planning to use it as a choline source with Racetams. Works great and has the most efficient delivery system of choline to the brain.

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