Thoughts about phenylpiracetam? How you compare it with galantamine?
Phenylpiracetam and galantamine re not comparable. They have completely different mechanisms
It's okay, the first 2 - 10 times (the latter, if you're very lucky), will be mind-blowing for some. However, those initial effects are short lasting and tolerance seems to be semi-permanent; even after taking a year break, it still isn't comparable to the first time I tried it.
I believe it's fair to speculate phenylpiracetam / galantamine has actions on the dopaminergic system due to one of it's main metabolites and it has strong nicotinic acetylcholine properties as an agonist presumably at several receptor sites, which may account for it's unique nootropic effects. Give it a go for sure, but try avoid using it more than once or twice a week would be my guess, to try delay the tolerance
I'll never take Galantamine again after the terrifying sleep paralysis I got.

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