What is your phosphatidylserine experience?
Phosphatidylserine is the most expensive piece of crap I've ever bought! Only the bovine source works, and nobody manufactures it out of fear of mad cow disease
It's true the soy phosphatidylserine maybe isn't quite effective as the animal counterpart,but did you take in consideration the option to double or triple the dose?The one Powdercity sells its pretty decent!I tried the efficacy by doing a simple experiment(kinda subjective,but still):ingest 300 mg phosphatidylserine before sleeping and evaluate how I feel in terms if cortisol reduction in the morning!
It's too expensive. For what it does for what it's worth. It isn't worth it to me.
Yeah, the only form I found any effect from was PS-DHA, and that was far too expensive to bother with using long term.
I'm in for a definite 'maybe.' It's part of my stack, and I've noticed a decrease in perceived exertion since I started taking it (all of it -- creatine, citrulline malate, beta alanine, phosphatidylserine. I don't think there are others in there with that kind of effect)
I've taken a new product by ascentra called spark with 100mg of ps and 2mg of lutein and 1mg of zeaxanthin which is for eye sight. I also take 25mg of adderal xr daily and I've been experimenting with different nootropics lately. Huperzine A made me too focused and anxious but I don't drink caffeine because of my issues with anxiety so I am sensitive to stimulants. Ps might be doing something extra but more like making thoughts a little less jumpy
I've never used phosphatidylserine but I used to sell it to old people to stave off dementia when I worked in a supplement store.

All the forms of ginseng you mention are adaptogenic and nootropic in various ways. I prefer Siberian, which is not a panax species, so has markedly different properties. Well researched by the Russians over the last hundred years.
Possibly my favorite noot. Both forms lower cortisol but idk how the bovine compound is regulated, but the soy phosphatidylserine is great. It's just a bit more expensive than I'd like. I would definitely add ginkgo biloba and an omega to a stack with phosphatidylserine in it.
The soy phosphatidylserine has only polyunsaturated fats where as the bovine counterpart contains both saturated and unsaturated fats.
I had this in my stack to help build neuron connections, although I couldn't determine its effects, it is a precursor to brain phosphatidyllcholine

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