Pregabalin vs. Phenibut: Can anyone speak from real life experience here?

Pregabalin was like a clear headed benzo, anxiety relief, slight sedation, and perhaps a decent sleep aid. Phenibut was like a dirty benzo. Feels toxic but still offers anxiety relief and sedation.


If pregabalin is like gabapentin at all, expect the phenibut to be a little more clear minded *dose dependendently* but to "feel" somewhat more toxic. I dunno, but they're all analogues of the same molecule, phenibut is a great laxitive, never got that effect from any other gaba related drug, which implies a sort of "gross" feel to it, but it is a useful substance.


never tried pregabalin but gabapentin is cleaner than phenibut imo. you need mega dose but it changes perception and helps pain alot. when you wake up tho you feel the phenibut type nauseous. phenibut also issue very danger at high dose, I took like 15 g over time and stopped breathing, sleep paralysis


15 grams? I caught stopped breathing combined with sleep paralysis at as low as 4.5 g of phenibut before I wouldn't even remotely dream of taking 15gs of it.


Phenibut is like a dirty drunk or GHB. At first it's great. Nice social flow. Great empathogenic. Amazing (AMAZING sex/almost electric-like orgasm). Music sounds great. Then it just gets dirty and becomes difficult to keep up with. I was about 6grams per day and wound up with chronic debilitating headaches that I eventually needed medical intervention to solve. Still have remnants 2 years later. Good for rare social occasions. You'll need 2 be disciplined with self-control. Pregabalin only worked At higher doses for me and was like taking A miniscule dose of a benzo. Weak in my opinion. Left me with tingly-like pain after use, hence it's medical use for fibromyalgia pain and such.


Phenibut only feels toxic if your using the hcl form. Go for faa from liftmode. Its clean as can be and as long as you dont go overboard your left with a nice afterglow the following day instead of a nasty hangover.

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