Hi everyone, I'm thinking about trying some PRL-8-53 plus Bacopa for memory. Is PRL worth a try? I've read conflicting opinions about it. I already take choline everyday and also a low dosage of memantine (5mg). Any thoughts on how I could potentiate the effects of PRL? Thanks!
Bacopa isnt worth to try while PRL i real strong nootropic what works instant and everyone see that it works so strong. Bacopa is waste of money for me, ashwagandha works milion times better and you can feel her while bacopa works like placebo.
I beg to differ, Michał. Bacopa did work for me (did you take it for 3 months straight?).
I'd say go for both. Bacopa is for everyday, while PRL is for thrice a week, max. PRL blows bacopa out of the water, no question.
People say Coluracetam works against PRL's tolerance, so you could try that. Still, you won't be able to take PRL everyday, though.
Yes coluracetam lowers PRL tolerance, PRL isn't is a nootropic for common and everyday use, you need to use as a special weapon, for moments when you want to imprint memories in really efficient way in your brain, to me the max dosage without stopping is 3 days.
Combining 5mg fasoracetam and 5mg PRL-8-53 works well for me but can only do it every other day at most, otherwise dreams are too disruptive of sleep.
Too many people judge nootropics by how it makes them "feel", as if nootropics were just another drug to produce a high. Objective performance metrics are what's important. PRL is incredibly effective. Bacopa increases long term memory after continuous administration for 6 weeks. I spontaneously remembered all of my credit card details after taking Bacopa for a while, when I never tried to remember or study it before.
Gotu Kola provides immediate sedation (within one to two hours). Taken every second day, it can help balance your brain chemistry and lower anxiety consistently.

CoQ10 can also help reduce the impact of stress on your heart, which it is likely to be having.

These are to an extent bandaid solutions though: they will help a lot and you'll probably feel a noticeable difference but you need to address the way you're breathing and your overall stress response by learning to observe thoughts and emotions. Heart rate variability breathing is a way of calming the nervous system through slow, deep breathing timed in way that you expel more carbon dioxide through your out breath than you breath in oxygen eg breath in 3-4 seconds; breathe out 5-6 seconds; maintain for 1 minute to start feeling a difference; ideally, dedicate at least 5 minutes uninterrupted to this each day (as breathing meditation)
I love Bacopa and PRL. PRL is instant while Bacopa is not. Bacopa you will feel it more and more on long term basis. I took bacopa for 8 months and I would say it is mild but really effective. The only thing I don't like about Bacopa is that it makes me super sober even if I don't want to... like you have to drink or smoke double to feel the effects.

I want to know why you cannot take PRL everyday? is it dangerous? Because I have heard people take it everyday and they say it is super safe.

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