anybody used prl 8-53 for memory and what dosage,how long and it,s water soluble or fat , and what other substance i can stack with it because there is very less information about prl so if some body has personal experience please share
i will be appreciate any suggestion
Take it with Coluracetam, it lowers the fast tolerance build up of PRL-8-53, the substance has a really fast tolerance, never use it more than 3 days in a row, you will need to take more and more to feel the effects, so wait for some days and start again with low dosages.
Dosage varies, but 5-10 mg sublingual first time is enough for feeling an increase in mathematical tought, short-term memory and an powerful increase in long-term memory. Thats why the best way to use it is for a scheduled memory session, for example study a textbook take notes and then with all organised go for a enhanced memorisation abilities with PRL-8-53 in your body.
Never use it with coluracetam and sunifiram at the same time, I don't know why but it produces strange perypheral side effects, too much acetylcholine perhaps, so take care with overdosing choline supplements like Alpha GPC, I've never tried Coluracetam+ALPHA GPC+PRL-8-53 stack, however if my hypothesis is correct, too much acetycholine with PRL-8-53 could produce some bad side effects, experiment by yourself, start with a lower dosage of ALPHA GPC if you are planning to take Coluracetam and PRL-8-53.
PRL-8-53 stacekd with Sunifiram alone does not produces side effects, thats why I think that the problem is due to acetylcholine overdose, coluracetam enhances HACU, Sunifiram releases a 200% increase in acetycholine in the cortex, and PRL has cholinergic and dopaminergic properties.
So the bad properties of PRL are these:
-Fast tolerance build-up
-Some side effects when stacked with sunifiram and coluracetam, apparently by a acetylcholine overdose.
-More studies needed about the safety of the compound, however it was studied in humans and taked by the creator Hans Nohl for the rest of his life. So we could speculate that the compund apparently isn't toxic in a first impression.
I normally take only 5mg of PRL-8-53 but decided to experiment with 10mg today along with 5mg of fasoracetam and 1600mg of piracetam that I normally take. It has not been a good experiment thus far. I took a shower, shampooed my hair, forgot to rinse, got out went to dry off then noticed shampoo still in my hair, fell asleep while reading e-mail despite just having 7 hours of good deep quality sleep. This is abbynormal for me, so going back to 5mg. In the short little micronaps I am having I am having intense and mostly fun dreams so I guess there is some recreational application for this but not much good for productivity which I had hoped to accomplish today.

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