working on an pro-sleep/anxiolytic stack that does not utilize anticholinergics like hydroxyzine or benzodiazepines as to not impair my mental functioning. Although my current stack does utilize some mild gabaergics and is as follows:
-1000mg EPA/DHA (fish oil)
-1000mg ALA (flaxseed oil) 
-600mg St. Johns Wort (might switch this one out for Kanna/Sceletium Tortuosum, I have yet to try it, but SJW seems like it isnt all that effective). 
-4 tea bags of Chamomile brewed tea 
-2,100mg Valerian root (capsule form) 
- 800mg magnesium glycinate 
- 3x kava root capsules each containing 1,455mg dry herb and 75mg kavalactone extract
Some notes:
*I plan to take this at night and I have heard the PDE4 activation of Kanna can cause insomnia if taken in the evening. I am definitely sensitive to any kind of stimulant and suffer greatly from insomnia, hence the hydroxyzine use which i would like to discontinue..
*I may had some amino acids like Taurine, L-tryptophan and perhaps 5-HTP
*Agmatine - would this be helpful as a sedative or atleast potentiating the anxiolytic herbs?
Any, and all feedback is greatly appreciated. What are your thoughts on this?
Aniracetam might fit into this well. havent used it as extensively as I have other nootropics, but I gave it a 4 month trial run back in 2010 and I found it calming and enhancing, pretty much does what it says on the box so to speak. I think with most stacks that are geared toward relaxation, Aniracetam can likely counterbalance any mental sluggishness that accidentally leaks in. Obviously not in a stimulant capacity, in my experience it was an almost inner-peace but heightened awareness mixture.

Keep in mind that you have to take it with Milk or something. It is exclusively lipid soluble.

Rhodiola Rósea and Mucuna Pruriens extractos might work on this anxiolytic stack. Mucuna Works with dopamine and Rhodiola with serotonin, pubmed and reddit would help you clarify your doubts about these compounds, but i take them daily and i feel a lot better
5-htp isn't particularly effective at generating post-blood brain barrier serotonin as much as bodily serotonin, which may actually be bad for you. not recommended. agmatine will definitely help with sleep and potentiation

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