Who else has tried RGPU 95? The newer spinoff of PhenylP. Any reviews? Please share your experience
Personally I didn't feel much subjectively from RGPU-95, but that night I had hugely increased composure and planning in my BJJ class, with moderate improvement on power and endurance.
RGPU-95 is the same as Phenyl to me. Just at a little lower dosage.
I've heard Phenylpiracetam Hydrazide is the best. So much euphoria that it's borderline recreational. Not really a nootropic, but really fun
Phenylpiracetam hydrazide / RGPU-95 is like a glorious orgasm of the nootropic world, there are many good reddit reviews up there. Everyone was looking for something to give them a kick in the butt and this little fucker came along and blew phenylpiracetam and all of its other analogues out of the water.

Before I found out I was having a baby I went on a shopping binge at newmind and got flphenibut, flmodafinil, ppap HCl, rgpu95, and tianeptine free acid .. only thing worth while was ppap but that lasted three days.
RGPU-95 seems to have a threshold kick in.

I'm mostly normal, just a little spark much of the time. But then when I'm getting choked or finding my way out of a ground and pound situation, I'm completely cool and calm. Once stress gets past the threshold it kicks in and I just don't get tired or flustered no matter how I push.
Not that RGPU-95 brand but yes. I love it but tolerance builds fast

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