Ritalin vs Concerta...thoughts?
Concerta is a long-acting Ritalin so it all depends on whether or not your son has a fast metabolism some kids do really well with the faster medication While others do better with the slow release my 8 year old does really good with the slow release but my five year old has to have the quick-release because his metabolism Burns off the slow release to fast before it has any effect
Several formulas for Ritalin. First just short-acting Ritalin. Lasts 3-4 hours, kicks in in about 20 mins. Ritalin LA, don't know as much about that one. Concerta, takes about 1 - 1.5 hours to kick in, lasts about 9. We tried it, but it took to long (20% initial release of Med). Metadate CD (we are using now) Kicks in about 45 min - 1hour (30% initial release) lasts about 9 hours. Daytrana (skin patch) about 2 hours to kick in. Seemed to last waaay longer than the 9 hours it was supposed to. Benefit is if you only want a shorter time, you can just take off the patch. Like I said we are using the Metadate CD and then a short-acting Ritalin tab as a booster in the afternoon. Oh almost forgot Focalin, (50% initial release - about 20 mins) only lasts about 5-6 hours. Both my sons were helped the same by all these (yes we have tried them all, changed mostly because of insurance :( ) The only one we didn't like was Concerta because of the time waiting to kick in
"You should not use Concerta if you have glaucoma, tics or Tourette's syndrome, or severe anxiety, tension, or agitation"
No wonder it didnt work well with me... Massive anxiety problems...
I really do think doctors dont know what they are doing sometimes

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