Anyone tried semax and cerebrolysin together??
Semax doesn't really do it for me. Apparently it takes 2 weeks to take effect for some people. I find that impossible because of the nature of the drug, but I could be wrong. Since it raises cortisol, and I'm a nervous person generally speaking, I've never given it a week trial. When I did get positive results from it, I will say it was a pleasant combination. They compliment each other since cerebrolysin is an antidepressant and semax a stimulant.
Yeah, Semax took two weeks to work for me too. It reduces anxiety a bit after you've been on it for awhile. But the first few days, you can be anxious and have headaches and insomnia.
Why impossible to imagine it taking so long to cause benefits? It's a peptide that stimulates NGF and BDNF. These things take time to kick in.
True. I know salenk's anxiolytic effects are felt instantaneously, and IN is a fast roa. I expected semax's stimulant effect to be felt just as quickly. I expected cognitive enhancement to come after prolonged use. Semax didn't really deliver either (except for the very first few usages) but I haven't given it a fair trial.
Its basically just P21 from Ceretropic. Not that expensive... Eager to try this. From the website: "We have always been intrigued by the effects of Cerebrolysin. However, the fact that it is an extract from pig's brain, with a lot of different peptides and amino acids, made us a little leery. Not to mention the fact that it needs 5ml injected intramuscularly. So we set out to determine the most potent peptide in Cerebrolysin, then synthesize that pure. However, during our research we realized we could go even further. Enter P21." Will look more info on reddit.
P21 isn't Cerebrolysin, please don't make that comparison. It is "believed" to be somewhat as functional as Cerebrolysin through preliminary evaluation in rat models. Cerebrolysin is a 250mg per 10mL substance containing multiple peptides and amino acids, which is far different from P21. Cerebrolysin has been clinically evaluated in humans. First-hand anecdotal evidence will tell you they are two entirely different animals.

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