Hey guys can I take semax, selank if I am taking strattera?
Excuse me for being off topic. Do you think straterra would help me with excessive daytime sleepiness, and sleep inertia (getting up in the morning). Also, will it raise my blood pressure. Please answer if you have the time, also let me know any other benefits and drawbacks of atomoxetine.

Back on topic, the mechanism of action of and chemical structure of selank and semax are so dissimilar to that of Straterra that I would strongly doubt there would be any interaction. Selank and semax are peptides (amino acid chains), atomoxetine is an NRI. I am no expert on this, and it is still of course possible for their to be interactions so it's best to get a doctor's monitoring. Also, you can introduce each at low doses and watch for interactions and slowly titrate up to an effective dose if you notice no interactions.

Good luck.
Ive been prescribed strattera twice, once as a child and again in my early 20's. The first time i had hideous anger issues and had to stop. The second time was way different, and it truly helped my focus. Ive considered testing it again as part of a stack. I doubt it will help with sleepiness or waking up.
It won't hurt to take them together. Semax can potentiate stimulants so you won't need as high as dose of strattera
that is true indeed and yea straterra acts on norephrine receptors(wrong spelling tired) but it has been making me more focused, calm and I am better able to complete my work faster. Its extremely helpful and it has actually improved my ability to recall vivid memories. I reccomend 40mg and than seeing what works with you
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