Anyone else experienced side effects from 5-HTP? About a year ago I went into serotonin syndrome as a reaction of taking it for 2 weeks. The side effects after were panic attacks, insomnia and generalized anxiety for the last 8 months... I have been trying L-Theanine to take the edge off, but nothing has really helped me recover from this too well. So I am looking for something to help with the anxiety and panic attacks I still have now and then without risking serotonin syndrome once again (worst experience of my life)

Before others ask. Yes, this was confirmed Serotonin Syndrome as I was rushed to hospital when it occured. No other medications at the time.


 I had serotonin syndrome as well after trying DXM for the first time. I didn't want to do it really, but my friend wouldn't stop pressuring me to do it. Lasted for about a week until I admitted myself to a psych hospital. The drug they gave me was anti psychotic that I can't remember the name of. It was the drug that gave some men small breasts or something if they took it for a long time. After the first dose I felt a lot better, I still had other persisting problems after that which weren't related to serotonin syndrome though like still feeling mildly high from it. Never went away. But I'd definitely recommend a months prescription of that drug if you can figure out what it is if you ever have SS again.


Don't take the anti psychotic. You're not psychotic. Risperidone will act as

A tranquilizer, which it basically is, it won't ease the issue with the seratonin. And the side effects are horrendous, increased prolactin, decrease in testosterone, tardive dyskinease... which is basically early onset Parkinson's. One of the a typical antipsychotics, olonzapine, has been shown to decrease brain size and functionality in chimps.


I would recommend feeding the brain with amino acids. Tyrosine, l carnitine, choline. Good strong

Doses. Also some

Anti oxidants like alpha lipoic acid and pine bark extract. You don't

Want to add more horrid stuff to brain. Feed the brain with the aminos and get the neurotransmitters firing properly. 5 htp can overload the blood seratonin levels before it passes the bbb. This happened to me and it took a long time For Me to get better.


'm not positive, but I think serotonin syndrome should be more of an acute condition (24 hours to a few days). That sounds like a long time to still be feeling the effects. But I could be wrong.


Magnesium can relax the body. It's best to get a bottle that has more than 1 type of magnesium. There are some types better than others, but has helped my GF in a major way. This should work within a few days of taking.

Should this be an issue ur having due to the trauma of the syndrome then i suggest a couple of panic attack programs. CHAANGE or Lucinda Basset. I would see if u can find them at ur local library, or through Amazon or Ebay. Last resort is to buy online directly through them. I know this works because ive not had a panic attack since i used CHAANGE. So just know ur going to be ok


Extreme sensitivity to cold; Walked out on back porch to take recycling out one night in early Oct last yr & before I could get back to door, was for lack of any other word, 'overcome' by worse case of chills I'd ever known (btw temp was mid 50's) Took forever to feel warm again. Had been taking sublingual 5-HTP for couple months with good results. Stopped immediately.

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