Does anyone have sleep attacks while on modafinil? Hi everyone! Thanks for the add. Just got diagnosed about a month ago with narcolepsy w/o cataplexy. Doctor put me on modafinil. I started with 200mg daily. It worked for about a week then by week 2 I started getting sleep attacks in the afternoon again. He upped it to 300mg. Same thing, worked for a week, now I'm back to having sleepiness/ feeling spaced out. Should I give it more time? Or does this sometimes just not work for certain people?

 I had the same issues..... been on and off every medication known to man. Personally for Modafinil, 200mg in the morning gave me about 4-5 ok hours, then I actually got sleepy again and Depressed just not enough. 200mg x 2 per day works much better, Personally this is a good study that I shared with my doctor....And unfortunately, not too be negative, just realistic, this illness sucks and medications help the "symptoms" - since there is no cure. Good days and not so great days. I actually keep a journal, almost daily, just recap the day, how was my sleep, medications that day, did i exercise, diet, stress, etc. - so, when you have one of those really "good" days, you have a record and can look back, what did i do that day, what medications did I take and when, did I nap, etc. find patterns


I've had to adjust and re-adjust dosage as well. It's normal to go through that. I also had to take a noon dose of modsfinil in order to get through the rest of the day. Good luck!


Yup, I've had similar experience. Fortunately, I finally finished grad school (while working full-time) so now I've been able to do medication holidays on the weekends (while using caffeine to get by) and by Monday 200mg of Provigil works like a charm and I don't need any caffeine. Usually by Friday, though, I need to take 100mg of Provigil or caffeine in the afternoon to get by.


Try armodafinil and make sure you take timed nap. Medication isn't magic you still have to maintain your N. Also unlike modafinil it doesn't make my heart race so probably better for your heart condition. Also you might want to look for a doctor with more N experience because modafinil is made to take multiple doses during your active period of the day and they are supposed to advise you not to take more than 250mg per dose.


Your experience is very similar to mine. I've probably started about 6 months ago now. I started on 100 mg modafinil upon waking and that's it. The first week my heart had some palpitations and it was pretty scary. It's settled out after a while and also realizing I can't drink two cups of coffee on modafinil either! Anyhow discussions with my sleep specialist adjustments are necessary. What's working personally for me now is 200 mg at 6:30 in the morning, and at approximately 3:30 in the afternoon so that I will be alert for my 1 hour plus commute home at approximately 6pm. I definitely have that crash at about 2 o'clock so I have a snack bar called Awake that has B vitamins and enough caffeine that's the equivalent of a nice Starbucks coffee. That gets me through the transition of 1pm until 3:30. I don't want to take my second dose of the afternoon any earlier because then it won't be at its peak when I drive home. Driving is one of my big huge triggers so I need to make sure the modafinil is at its peak when I'm driving home. I also take a medication holiday on the weekends and just get by with some coffee. Good luck on your journey it is a journey indeed


Thats what happened to me on modafinil. I would start getting sleep attacks by 4-6pm depending on the day. I ended up needing Provigil instead. The only thing is I had to wait a year to get the Provigil because the stupid insurance wouldn't pay for it.


Ask your doctor about Xyrem - it's a sleep medication that treats the root cause of our sleepiness instead of masking symptoms like stimulants and wakefulness promoting agents like Provigil and NuVigil. It's totally changed my life for the better.

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