I am looking to drop 40 lbs any suggestions on a stack or would T3 be enough
T3 will drop a few pounds if you keep eating at the same level. Once you stall, you will have to cut your calories for continued loss. Lets say youre taking t3 and you keep cutting calories to reach your goal. Well if you just decide that you can stop taking t3 and maintain that diet that youre at while on t3, you will gain alot back. Once youve hit that goal you will have to drop calories yet again.

Reason is if you take t3 you are multiplying your metabolism which means youre burning more calories. Once you stop t3, your metabolism will eventually get back to normal and you wont burn as many. T3 is a complex thing. Its not cut and dry.
Drop cals to 1000, cut carbs, throw in some HIIT cardio 3 times a week, increase your water intake. Maybe try EC stack to help curb appetite and get rid of some water weight. Best way to do it naturally
Did he say cut them to 1000 cal? Bikini competitors don't even go that low lolol, you should re evaluate your diet. Make sure your protein is high, make sure your carb/fats are timed just right. Are you getting in all your meals? How much cardio are you doing and how often? You can't out train a bad diet and try to use supps for a bad diet. Brad seems to be the smartest in this thread, lol.
Where did you get your cals from? Use a macro calculator. They arent 100% for competitors but they could definitely help you out. Also make sure the weights of your food is accurate in my fitness pal and be completely honest with it. At 240 you could easily bump your cals up another 1000 and still lose. At 1500 im afraid that you may ravage, if not already, all of your muscle mass. T3 doesnt care where it takes from

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