What are your favorite stacks for constant worrying in life?
Don't want to sound condescending however try CBT/exercise/ meditation/NLP get to the root of what your worry is don't mask it, good luck
Alprazolam, Depakote and Venlafaxine xD
As mentioned above, focus on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), identifying negative patterns, and training your brain. Eating various crystals might support you in that process slightly, but it's not a fix.
Meditation and mindfulness. I know that might seem like a cheap reply, but as someone whos's had to deal with anxiety, chronic worry, these two things can help immensely. Also, talk to a professional, a pill might help but understanding the issue is a great reliever.
11-Oxo/11-Keto. No nootropics but have some nootropic skills(as far as i know, study proven) and both are cortisol regulators.
Also Rhodiola Rosea could help, though you know that probably.
Exercise. Nothing else will sustainably boost your confidence, cognitive ability, productivity, and sense of well being the way exercise does.
Exercise, good rest, meditation, and mindfulness are definitely #1 when it comes to worry and anxiety. IF you've tried these first, I would add magnesium. I've heard good things about ashwaghanda, but I have also heard that it's very difficult to find a reputable source. For me, the use of a Spire, coupled with exercise is the best fix I've had, and a good diet made a huge difference in my mental health. Learning that I have a severe gluten intolerance and that wheat consumption can cause mental instability in people like myself, change in diet all but cured my anxiety and worry.

It's interesting how we look for a quick fix whilst continuing to poison ourselves. Check to see if you have any personal Kryptonite foods, and get them out of your diet!
3 med long breathes in the nose and relax exhaling out your mouth more slowly.
but my partner with more extreme issues finds her relief from ashwagandha and magnessium

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