So, I just took some Adrafinil a while ago and I feel "awake." What should I try next? Sulbutiamine or Agmatine Sulfate? I'm thinking Sulbutiamine, but I don't know if any of them interact with Adrafinil.
I'd take the Agmatine, the Sulbutiamine is also a stim and makes me feel energized. Agmatine reduces tolerance to dopaminergics (both).
I just took 500mg of Agmatine sulfate. Supposedly it helps with Kratom tolerance and withdrawal. I'll try not to use Kratom tonight so I can get my tolerance down from 22 grams to 7 in a month or so :P
I also like the taste of it. It reminds me of Choline Bitartrate, but with the sweetness of Oxiracetam.
I wouldn't just go down to 7. Get syrian rue, cat claw (same nmda blockers as those in kratom, not much opiates) , magnesium glycinate, memantine if possible and use agmatine also in a cold turkey. That much kratom needs a complete break to regain sensitivity, with help from the mentioned substances. Also a reverse agonist at the opiate receptor once clean from Kratom will perhaps reverse any permanent damage that could arise from those doses. After all that you can use K again 1-2x a week with the proper tolerance reducers. Super high everytime off 3-7g depending on strain.
If you're wondering, the rue is because it has very high affinity for I2 receptors, like Agmatine sulfate. It's relatively unknown but people have reported being able to quit Heroin/prescription opiates cold turkey in 3 days with Rue. I2 receptors are known to abolish tolerance and withdrawal to opiates which is amazing, and is somehow linked to MAO (which is rue's mode of action that was thought to be unique)
I don't use kratom every day nor every week and I still have to consume at least 15 grams of tea and I brew it three - four times in order to feel the effects fully... Doesn't matter te vendor but I find the 15 g bags from the corner store to be way more potent than anything I order off the net
No shit it's tea! Most psychoactive are mostly fat soluble, since theres a fat barrier before reaching the brain. Your gut if fat lined so can absorb fatty substances ok sometimes, shitty other times. So unless your eating the whole leaf or doing a fat + water extraction (which i would just chug along with the leaf i used) your going to be wasting a shit ton of alkaloids and probably missing entirely a few fat soluble only ones
I switched to tea from swallowing down powdered leaf that I capsulated because i feel it more... And from all the research I've seen your supposed to take kratom on an empty stomach.. Not once have a read anything about it being fat soluble
It is definitely fat soluble, with over 100+ alkaloids, there is definitely a significant portion of them that are fat soluble. Even if not, fat to water solubility is almost always a ratio, so even the water soluble ones can move into fats, where they will more easily pierce fat barriers to the brain. bulletproofing kratom in my coffee made me have to finish my usual dose slower, was much stronger and longer lasting too. The empty stomach is for it to hit you faster, as proteins and sugar will slow digestion. Fats will also do this, but to a lesser degree when alone. The enhanced absorption will enhance efficiency, but may delay the "rush" which some people find as a marker of true overall strength. I must however disagree, since I always tend to try and absorb the best and keep tolerance at bay to get the most out of these occasional inebriations.

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