Does anyone have any experience with exercise induced brain fog? Anytime I do heavy deadlifts,squats, or bench, I feel as though my CNS has a hard time coping inducing 72+ hours of slightly slurred speech, difficult recall, and overall poor verbal fluency, higher levels of anxiety (cortisol response?), social interactions take much more effort in general, and lastly less emotional resilience. Tips, supplements, and/or general recommendations for exercise induced brain fog?

Thanks guys

I recommend a real magnesium supplement and added potassium and sodium. For me, any sort of exercise induced issues are from an electrolyte imbalance
Sounds like severe CNS fatigue. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating enough after training to recover (particularly protein and carbohydrates)? Is there enough natural sugars and enough salt in your diet (as well as the magnesium and potassium)? How many days a week are you training and are you taking enough rest days?
I sometimes feel lighthead when doing squats and deadlifts; this is clearly the result of not coordinating by breathing cycle between reps. You may want to check your breathing cycle between reps and make sure your breathing in on the up (concentric) phase and out on the down (eccentric) phase.

What your problem sounds like though is some sort nervous system exhaustion (I studied personal training).

- What is your training volume like?
- How long are your strength workouts?
- And how much rest/recovery do you have in between each one?

I generally leave at least one full day of rest in between each workout.

The magnesium suggestion is a good idea. Although magnesium supplementation should not need to be kept up, since whenever you supplement with any nutrient, it always involves taking a fairly does in order to correct any pre existing imbalances – you would not continue trying to rectify a problem by taking in more of something if the required amount has already been adjusted.

You might also want to look at your sleep quality. Melatonin supplements can help as well as valerian. Also try to maintain a consistent sleeping pattern if not being done already. Your best bet would be to check with a neurologist if that is accessible to you.
I have M.E. (enteroviral infection) and have exercise intolerance. Early in the illness, before it got out of hand, hemp protein and pomegranate extract helped a lot.

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