Anyone tried semax and cerebrolysin together??
Shit, that sounds epic but $$$$$$
Semax doesn't really do it for me. Apparently it takes 2 weeks to take effect for some people. I find that impossible because of the nature of the drug, but I could be wrong. Since it raises cortisol, and I'm a nervous person generally speaking, I've never given it a week trial. When I did get positive results from it, I will say it was a pleasant combination. They compliment each other since cerebrolysin is an antidepressant and semax a stimulant.
Yeah, Semax took two weeks to work for me too. It reduces anxiety a bit after you've been on it for awhile. But the first few days, you can be anxious and have headaches and insomnia.
True. I know salenk's anxiolytic effects are felt instantaneously, and IN is a fast roa. I expected semax's stimulant effect to be felt just as quickly. I expected cognitive enhancement to come after prolonged use. Semax didn't really deliver either (except for the very first few usages) but I haven't given it a fair trial.

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