I don't have the authority to say anything knowledgable. However, I noticed many posts about "nootropics". I'd just like to point out the definition of nootropics, as given by the inventor of piracetam.
Enhance learning and memory.
Enhance learned behaviors under conditions known to disrupt them.
Protect the brain from physical or chemical injury.
Enhance the tonic cortical/subcortical control mechanisms
Exhibit few side effects and extremely low toxicity, while lacking the pharmacology of typical psychotropic drugs (motor stimulation, sedation, etc.
Nootropics were in existence long before any racetams were invented. A nootropic is simply any substance which enhances cognitive performance which, in my own somewhat scientifically informed opinion, must include enhancement of both attention and short term memory as a bare minimum in order for any real changes of benefit to be experienced.
Right, Giurgea and Skondia just categorized them and Giurgea coined the term. By keeping true to the criteria laid out, we avoid personal bias ("weed is a nootropic because it feels good and I draw a lot while high" or "treating depression is cognitive enhancement because I feel better when I'm not depressed".). We also keep true to the principles and intents behind cognitive enhancement which are to improve performance and become better.

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