Has anyone on here tried Tianeptine? If you have, have you ever overdone it? How has it worked for you? How have you taken it?

For the last several months I have been taking it kind of religiously every day. It has TRULY been a miracle drug for me. Nothing has been as good or effective as this noortropic to help with my clinical depression and anxiety and stress. I haven't been so punctual or responsible or reliable or just been able to get past when my mom or dad or whoever said something bad or negative to me. I was student teaching and honestly did amazing with his responsible and reliable I was. In the past of something didn't go well, usually because of dating, I'd get so unhappy and depressed that I'd end up binging and staying in my room for a week or two, not wanting to do anything but just escape the world, not go to work or school. Similar situations have happened to me in these past few months, but for the most part I have been able to overcome them and move on, and I think it has been because of Tianeptine... and it was absolutely amazing.

However, I know that in the last week or two I've taken too much of it. Like, I got really insecure about this one guy and my thoughts started to race, and I took way more of Tianeptine (I take it in a liquid form with a dropper). That one time, about a week ago, it actually really helped me. Like I felt numb and really sleepy and my racing thoughts slowed down and I wasn't feeling insecure anymore, just like whatever if I don't hear from the guy again. Then I felt ok in the morning. Usually now I've been taking two droppers in the morning, mixing that with grapefruit juice and some Splenda cause it tastes aweful. When I first started I would do it morning and night, cause my anxiety and negative thoughts were really high and I was binging and purging etc. since taking Tianeptine I have really started to take care of myself a lot and been able to function like a normal human being.

But on Friday I started to get extremely insecure about this guy again, that I did something wrong. So I went home to drink more Tianeptine because my thoughts were racing so much. And I drank way more than I usually do, like several doses. And soon after I started to feel really sick, like my brain was burning and I felt sick and nautious, felt like throwing up, and all I could do was lie in bed and sleep. I still felt an after effect the next morning. I didn't take any yesterday. This morning, because of feeling depressed, I took one dropper, but the burning brain sensation came back again and I felt like lying in my bed and I'm in my bed now, lying, maybe will sleep some more... but I don't know what to do... Tianeptine has REALLY REALLY REALLY helped me SO MUCH... but does this mean I can't take it anymore? I really don't know what to do... should I try a different drug? I'm just afraid to damage my brain in some way or cause some permanent effects... but I'm afraid that without Tianeptine my desire to do stuff and to just get out of bed will not come back... that drug has honestly been a miracle for me...

Any thoughts, please share, and please help me
Works great unless you run out. Then, at least in my experience, you're in for at shock. Opiate-like withdrawals. Also my tolerance built up after a few months of daily use.
In high doses it is an opioid and they make you sick. You can continue taking it. It is addictive in high doses. You essentially had a minor overdose. If you take a couple days off you should be fine. In high doses it is as euphoric as oxycodone and can be just as addictive, especially the Sodium.

Antidepressant dosage is generally around 12.5 mg
I found it to be awesome and it helped me deal with some depression and I generally liked it. I never overdid it but do know some dumb cunts abuse it which led it to being dropped by many popular vendors. I usually used around 13mg and sometimes dosed later in the day if I felt the need to have the effects continue later on. Generally you should take a break for a day or two at the end of week for tolerance or dependency
I use tianeptine as well as kratom for occasional breakthrough neuropathy pain. That is when Lyrica and nortriptyline fail to control it adequately. I have to take around 140mg for it to be effective for pain. I usually only have to take it once then pain is gone so I do not dose that amount regularly. I use it maybe once a week.
i took 10mg a day for a couple days, then one day tried 80mg, then the entire 5g package was gone within four days and i slept for two days like i just got done doing a heroin binge. At low doses its fantastic. at higher doses its an abusable and dangerous drug. do not fucking do what i did ever, it was irresponsible and gives tianeptine a bad name. ' i used opiates for 5 years and i would say they are not the answer even when they feel like they are. I thought it was manna from heaven. Some people are ok using them for the rest of their lives, so im not judging. Just saying sometime in your life try a month of complete abstinence and if you like it stick with it and if you dont then go back to the tian, but youll never know if you dont try. Dont mean to preach. Turns out i didnt need nootropics, or drugs, or anything but self love and social interaction, and a deep spiritual connection to remain at a steady and calm cognitive and functioning state, as well as be happy:)

-dont mind me just rambling:)
Whilst not to be taken as medical advice and you should always seek expert medical advice before trying a new supplementation regime, a few observations: you do not need to mega-dose on Tianeptine to get an antidepressant effect due to its mechanism of action. Mega-dosing results in euphoria and analgesia as it is an opiate receptor agonist but doing this is totally unnecessary for stabilising glutamate levels which is where it is benefiting depression. It is addiction forming with regular use at high doses. Plan to stabilise your brain chemistry rather than flipping between excitation and inhibition and becoming dependent. Tianeptine is also extremely toxic in combination with MAOI medications. Carefully examine any existing meds or supplements for contraindications, double check even if your doctor or pharmacist says it's fine. If in doubt then avoid. Grapefruit juice inhibits CYP3A4-mediated drug metabolism in the liver. If you are going to take it consider dosing three times a day at timed intervals, 12.5mg dose and not washing it down with grapefruit juice. The juice potentiates ( increase effect) of many medications and supplements due to it suppressing an enzyme in the liver and intestine that breaks them down, the build up over time with increase risk of the side effects and overdose.
Taper down...and don't ever up the dosage. It is highly addictive if taken daily. It can be a abusable recreational drug and withdrawals are like SSRI withdrawal combined with heroin withdrawal. And it's highly toxic to the liver. If you've been taking it this long, you definitely can't "stop for a day or two". Taper slowly.

I actually first started using Tianeptine a few years ago and have a lot of experience with it, and I can honestly say that it has seriously changed my life. I used to be extremely depressed, and addicted to food and stuff. It was hard to function and to just get stuff done, period. There was even a time in my life where I wouldn’t brush my hair or shower for weeks... I’ve tried MANY different things, meditations and many therapists and years of 12 step groups and stuff... and I’m sure they helped to some extent. But nothing has done it the way that Tianeptine did for me, and I can honestly changed my life for the better, completely... I’m a WAY better mom, employee, just a person being able to take care of myself and it’s mostly all due to this nootropic.

I remember how long it was taking me to finish graduate school and finish my student teaching. I had to student teach 3 times before I got it done mainly because of how depressed I was. Then, because of Tianeptine, I was finally able to get it done. I just wanted to be happy, and to function and be able to achieve goals, to set goals and get them done.

There was a period in my life where I didn’t think I’d ever be able to set goals for myself and actually get them done, because after I’d do it, a day or two later I’d just relapse into binge eating and it would just continue for weeks, until I’d have enough.

I actually haven’t had Tianeptine for a few weeks now (my order got mixed up and for whatever reason most of the vendors have closed...), but I’ve still been able to function. There’s no way I could have said that a few years ago... no way. I read somewhere online that over time of using Tianeptine it actually starts changing your brain chemistry for the better where it becomes stronger as far as anxiety and depression is concerned. A few years ago, when I wasn’t using Tianeptine, I remember that the slightest rejection from a guy would make me so insecure and just down on myself, that I’d stop going to work for weeks because I was killing myself with food. I had several jobs that I liked but couldn’t keep because of my extreme anxiety, panic attacks, and clinical depression.

Now I have a job that I’ve been at for several months. This past Summer I went to this career changing class for 10 weeks, every day, m-f, 9-5. Like a regular job. I didn’t want to teach anymore. I wanted to do a job that makes me more money and makes me happier. Now I’m doing it. I’m a UX designer and I LOVE it. I’ve also been able to normalize my eating and lost a lot of weight. I can wear what I want, and sometimes I eat what I want too lol, but I can regulate it today. I can set goals for myself. AND, I pay my bills on time. I’m responsible. I do what I’ve promised and I’m there when I said I’ll be. Back in the day being consistent and reliant was impossible... huh... god I remember that time. I couldn’t promise people anything because I wasn’t sure if I’d end binging on that day.

It’s just such a miracle for me. I’m amazed at how I haven’t missed a single day at work because I was binging, and that I was able to complete that 10 week course, and I have my Masters, and I keep up with ALL of my son’s doctors appointments.. it’s really incredible to say that today, even if this might seem like a very small thing for some.

This is what Tianeptine has done for me. It’s changed my life. Quite literally.


 I didn’t get much from it personally but half a lifetime of opioid abuse and far too many alkaloids and synthetic compounds of various classes may have interfered with it from my understanding. Just the same I suppose the mostly plant based alkaloid regimen I have these days could interfere as well.

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