Started Nuvigil (armodafinil) this morning. Started Effexor (venlafaxine)  this evening. Do any of you take effexor? Should I take it before bed? Can't sleep and feel nauseous. Bad headache since this evening so I think that's nuvigil. Probably should not have had me start 2 news meds on same day. I feel like crap right now and can't sleep.
I don't notice any difference with when I take my effexor, but let me tell you, I sure notice if I skip even one day. It is the one med I absolutely can't do without. I was having sleep paralysis every time I nodded off, every time. I was sleeping less than a broken hour a day. Vivid hallucinations, then started having seizure type activity with my cateplexy and SP. Effexor stops about 90% of that. Was taking Ritalin three times a day when I was working, but only take as needed now. I also take Baclofen at night to help me get at least a little bit of deep sleep..
effexor is physically addictive, and notoriously difficult in terms of withdrawal effects (this could explain the probles when you skip, especially the seizure). if you are taking effexor, it is *never* meant to be skipped. and if you decide it's not working for you, you should only stop with drs supervision and by tapering off slowly.
Effexor was a night mare to me. Electric pulses thru my face and lips up my head. It took away impulse control which made over spending an issue, horrible mood swings it took me 2 years and 2 other meds to get off of it. Please proceed with caution. My aunt has had same experience. It doesn't do this to everyone but those I have known that it does wish they had never taken it.
Armodafinil gave me insomnia, so I don't think you can say which med it is. I agree with Karen that you should ask your doctor about stopping one of them asap.
I used to be on this combo. Here are a few pointers that helped me:
- first, I found Effexor extended release to be easier to tolerate.
- I took effexor in the morning, and before taking it I found I had to get something bread like in my stomach first (French toast, cereal, etc) in order to keep it down.
- when taking both Nuvigil and effexor together in the very beginning, I had to cut the Nuvigil in half until my body got used to the combination, then I began taking the full dose.
- I found this combo (armodafinil + venlafaxine) didn't work when I had my period. During this time I added a low dose (30-40mg) of Vyvanse to compensate. There is a side effect of anxiety though.
- in the case of insomnia associated with the armodafinil + venlafaxine, I found sonata to be helpful. It is short acting and when taken early enough didn't give me a sleeping pill hangover the next day
- it was important for me at first to set a timer for every 4 hours to eat in the beginning. I didn't feel hungry and I became depressed and anxious and discovered a connection between not eating and the increasing negative symptoms.
I currently take Effexor in the morning for depression along with 40 mg Adderall. It doesn't really do anything to keep me awake but it does help me feel less depressed. I only just got my NwC diagnosis so my psychiatrist was pulling her hair out trying to find meds that helped. Basically the newer psych meds didn't help at all and had some pretty horrible side effects. Just know that when you stop Effexor you likely will need to discontinue slowly and even then you may have withdrawals.
I take both Effexor and Nuvigil in the morning. I take the Effexor for anxiety and depression. I've been on the venlafaxine longer and didn't notice the headaches until armodafinil. I've also recently been diagnosed with Lyme Disease so I've been trying to figure out if the headaches are coming from the Nuvigil or the Lyme. I also have trouble falling asleep at night with the Nuvigil.

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