I'd like to hear from anybody taking Vyvanse for narcolepsy with cataplexy. What were/are the pro's and con's? I was just put on it to help with the N/C and late onset ADHD. I also have parasomnia, hypersomnia and periodic limb movement disorder. Curious to see how it affected you and even more curious to see how it will affect my cocktail of disorders. Lol.
I have been on Vyvanse for a year. I currently take 50mg daily with the allowance of an extra 20mg when needed. It is, by far, the best med I have tried! I find I don't crash as hard at the end of the day. It doesn't help with my cataplexy, but I have had it under control for a few years now without meds. I also take cannabis oil at night to suppress my REM sleep. I feel better than I ever have. I also have centralized sleep apnea. I hope it works well for you.
I lost about 15lbs when I first started on it. My appetite is still quite a bit smaller though. I also snack to stay stimulated...I think many of us do. Is cannabis oil an option where you live. I am Canadian, so it's legal here.
The Cons were it gave me the absolute worst cotton mouth I have ever had, I'm talking about Sahara desert cotton mouth, and that was with using biotin mouth spray & drinking... It didn't last long either, 3-4 hrs tops, so I got off that... I take dexdrien now which is much much better, at least for the time being...

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