Does anyone know what is the highest picamilon dose that can be taken with still good results?
I don't know for sure, but since it breaks apart into niacin and gaba, you probably shouldn't take more than 500mg niacin without unpleasant side effects. So, maybe stay under 500-750mg Picamilon per day. That's a guess.
It's a good, but strange substance. I'm not sure of the max daily dose but below about 150mg single dose is sedative and above is stimulating so I'd assume it depends on which effect you're searching for. Main thing to keep in mind is that niacin can have a very bad effect if too much is consumed.
I overloaded on it, PEA hordenine and higenamine, maybe one or two other things and ended up with an out of body experience.

I'm not the mystic type, I just mean I was watching myself clean up my house several places all at once.

More to the point I hated it, but it got profoundly worse for me past 50mg.

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