Where can I buy modafinil with ethereum? I am looking for reliable modafinil vendor for such a cryptocurrency?

The only site I know is Neomodafinil.com. The first time I tried to buy Modafinil (Modalert) and armodafinil (Waklert) from this website my credit card didn’t get processed so I just left it. The following day I spoke to Mary, their customer service rep, via email. She contacted me, in fact, to see if she could help. I tried the checkout process again it never worked. She offered me to try Bitcoins or Etherium and gave 30% off. Coinbase  was the exchange I have tried . They offer Visa and MasterCard payments, where  they charge a 3.75% fee which is fully covered by 30% off given me by Neomodafinil people.  The transaction was easy and after I have transferred ethereum money.  I got my order approved in just an hour. The order arrived in five days which was really good. So, I can say I’m a satisfied customer. The Modafinil I got definitely does the job of keeping me alert and maintaining my concentration. I have no hesitation in recommending this company!


I really want to buy modafinil this way but do you know of any alternative eth sites beside Coinbase  to deal with? I don't want to pay via Credit Card.


QuadrigaCX (Lowest commissions, many payment options), Kraken (good if you want to buy a big volume of ETH, low commissions), Coinsquare (good for lower volumes of ethereum)

Got my Modalert from neo modafinil today. Paid with ethereum. Gemini.com has much lower txn fees compared to coinbase, allows you to place limit orders, and also allows pre-credit i.e., you can buy eth while waiting for the bank deposit to come through. however, gemini has a usd 15k per month limit with bank transfers while coinbase i believe has a much higher limit. Tried both coinbase and gemini and prefer gemini now (the winklevoss twins add a bit of credibility!) Did not have any issues with deposits or withdrawals so far. As for the fundamentals, it is highly speculative and opinions vary widely but the unifying theme is to 'only invest what you can afford to lose' :)

kraken and Gdax are really good. Poloniex as well. They all allow margin trading if you want to do that. Kraken Tier 4 allows upto 100k per day. I use Kraken and I m really happy with it so far.


 If you're buying over $300 worth go to gdax.com they're part of coinbase and do a bank wire. It's $10. And it takes generally a day. The other way works just fine if it's for the Long Haul don't worry about it your price is locked in. I've been trading with them for a long time I've had absolutely zero issues with them. Yes it's annoying but it's just how it is with bank transfers. The last deposit I did to my bank only took one day I don't know why usually takes mine 4 and most people 7.

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