Anyone know where to find / how to get modafinil?

At a pharmacy, any pharmacy, with a prescription from your doctor. No one here is going to offer you their meds or tell you where you can get it illegally.


You can find modafinil through various online stores. I personally recommend NeoModafinil. I live in Australia and always get my 3 months supply from them. 


 It goes like this... 1) schedule Dr appointment 2)show up to said appointment 3)receive diagnosis that requires Modafinil 4)Dr writes script 5)you take script to pharmacy 6)Pharmacist fills script 7)repeat monthly 

#1 thing NOT TO DO is go online and ask others with legitimate needs for certain meds on where to obtain scheduled drugs.


My friend lives in Morocco where it may be harder to access healthcare especially specialists than in the west. I did used to get my Modafinil not on prescription before I was formally diagnosed because it was taking around a year and my life was falling apart around me. Also modafinil is not scheduled in a lot of countries it isn't here in the u.k it's legal to buy without a prescription but not advisable.Legal to buy without prescription for your own personal use it's illegal to sell or share .


All of semi abusive and accusatory comments toward the original poster make me sick. Many people have to take things into their own hands including myself. I order half of my meds online due to price or lack of care. Many people do it. When you paint this picture that anyone who purchases meds outside the U.S. medical system is an addict you not only sound like a complete moron but also like a jerk.

 For the record you can get Modafinil online. I would check around for trusted vendors on reddit forums. Make sure to check the illegality of your current country.


Laws vary I did used to buy modafinil without a prescription before I was fully diagnosed it wasn't the best idea but I was forced to because I had no quality of life. I am now diagnosed and get it for 12 dollars per month. Ritalin and Adderall will most certainly be illegal without a prescription but modafinil is different. It has low abuse potential so is legal in many countries to buy without a prescription. I see people on here talking about cannabis on here as a treatment for narcolepsy it's illegal here and you can go to jail do I write posts saying how it's illegal? No because I realise different countries have different laws.


many an unnecessary comment. I live in Dayton, Ohio where the medication is a available and access to health care is available...somewhat. Yet it took till age 42 to find a semi competent doctor to diagnose me, refer to a specialist, treat, only to find that particular medication made me worse and dealt with all the idiocy of people trying to get you to sell your meds to them. Just because you have availability and access doesn't mean you'll actually get it. Especially if you're not an important person as I recently learned. If you're "skilled" as the term was presented, I interpreted it as having money, then you have access to better options. My father is treated/studied through a college here. Misdiagnosed is what I'll say, so false positives in his case results till recently. They still don't address the issues he has that I have but they're very happy to take his money though he continues to decline. He had to have part of his feet amputated because of incompetence. He supposedly has M.S. but now they're not sure and not exploring other diagnosis but continuing treatment. He is hypoglycemic and treated for diabetes which led to his amputations. He's had blockages removed three times prior to this and that dismissed because "Oh, it's the diabetes" that caused his toes to die. Then they find the blockages after they cut off part of his feet because they apparently don't read a patients history. Money and access to healthcare doesn't mean much as I see it.

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