Does weed cause long-term negative side effects on the brain (cognitive, memory...) ? If so, which nootropics can counter the effects?
Yes, it induces the Cox-2 enzyme which affects memory and synaptic density If you want to be smarter, stop using marijuana. Pharmacology isn't like math. You can't just balance drug effects by taking more drugs.
Clarification: smoking weed causes long-term negative side effects; consuming it in other ways can enhance health in all areas, since it contains cannibinoids, which are potent antioxidants, hence the rationale for legalising it for medical uses.
The previous generation of cannabis research and the claims of its benignity are obsolete when compared to the high potency strains of the modern age, especially in the context of medical cannabis in places such as California. Recent research with high potency THC strains have showed damage to the corpus callosum – the main pathway linking the two hemispheres of the brain. This area is rich in cannabinoid receptors and hence suffers greatly from cannabis use. This negatively impacts interhemispheric communication, amongst many other things.
And marijuana may have some typical side effects after long time use. Agitation, lack of motivation, depression. Marijuana addiction is a real thing but only if it negatively interferes with your life. As far as chronic long lasting damage, idk if there is 100% concrete information. It's hard when a lot of docs say it's bad, a lot of docs say it's good, and a lot of nut jobs say it cures everything.

As far as I'm concerned, in the long run it's probably healthier then fast food

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