which nootropics would benefit the brain to recover from pharmaceuticals especially benzo's, im finding my short term memory is suffering quite badly lately (i take benzos twice a week to alleviate chronic pain, its the only drug that completely removes the pain, better than any opiate but benzo's are horribly addictive)
im tapering kratom - been on it for 6 months, like i said, opiates help 10~20%, benzo's help 90~100% regarding the pain but i cant take benzos everyday, and tbh i dont want take them at all
Gotu Kola, pycnogenol and CoQ10 as a stack would help significantly. I also recommend combining with some strenuous exercise and working memory training such as Just Before on iPhone and any dual n-back game; you can also pick up a decent book on philosophy and that will transform your short term memory noticeably.
Passiflora is an MAOI btw so it can interact with citalopram, if you are otherwise healthy look into low dose magnesium. I was going to suggest checking out leonotis nepetifolia however there is a fair chance of interaction as well. Look into either alternatives or slowly ceasing the citalopram as it can cause long term memory impairment as well as other problems including serotonergic downregulation
There are some great natural alternatives when can improve general wellbeing as well.

Brahmi and Gingko is a popular stack, sometimes with phosphatidylserine included - brahmi has neurospecific antioxidants which reduce neuro inflammation and improve cerebral circulation. Phosphatidylserine facilitates neurogenesis, growth of new brain cells. You can even include some maca powder for increased cell turnover to speed things up.

CoQ10 and pycnogenol is also a powerful combination for improved attention, lowered anxiety and increased energy - CoQ10 optimized mitochondrial functioning and improves energy levels and endurance. Pycnogenol reduces inflammation and promotes healthy circulation and production of collagen.

Rhodiola is another great one for anxiety and memory. It can also improve eyesight.

Something else you might want to consider is ensuring your micronutrient reserves are well stocked. Some common deficiencies include magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin B12.

Even people who eat meat can be deficient in B12 because the quality of most meat is compromised and not what it used to be.

If you want to try optimizing your micronutrient levels, I recommend finding an organic and preferably active or reduced form for improved absorption.
Caffeine, phenylpiracetam and maybe agmatine. Someone else mentioned agmatine as being really helpful in coming off adderall. I take a tiny dose of vyvanse sometimes. Choline supplements might also help: alpha GPC or CDP choline. Also American or panax ginseng are good for energy and memory.
Alpha lipid acid a lot, multivitmains and minerals a lot, omega 3, uridine, choline and a huge dose of racetams and neurotransmiters precursors like nalt, dlpa, 5-htp for some months. It will work and quit all these stupid drugs like me, alcohol and fucking crack. Drugs for dumbs... he could not chose worse. He can add curcumine with piperine, st worth plant, egcg and herbals for anxiety like ashwagadha, l-theaninie. Find hobby games, guns, horses or chose better drugs not that shit. For really hard moments of course you can give him a phenibut but ... I have already eaten 10 grams in 5 days so it could be addictive for him. Grey Jackson

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