Which nootropics work better sublinguially vs. Orally? I'm trying in understand the best way to consume nootropics for maximum benefits, but I'm a bit confused. 
Theres some like noopept that the consensus is that its mostly bioavailable when used sublingually. For a majority of nootropics from my research it seems that orally is preferrable
It depends on substance. Some are already goodly absorbed in the stomach so you can take them orally, some have poor bioavailibity and absorb more from under tongue. Just research everything individually
Noopept is a good example for sublingual administration. It's much more noticable this way. Then there are things like Pramiracetam which would destroy your mouth if you took it sublingually. Tastes like satan's balls.
Slightly higher doesn't mean oil soluble. But I'm not a scientist. Without going into semantics, I don't know any oil soluble noots that anyone takes sublingually. Pramiracetam will literally burn your mouth. Never heard of anyone doing, Aniracetam for instance, sublingually.

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