What if I buy Modafinil in Canada and my order is seized by customs?

Hey folks, I live in Ontario, Canada and was recently diagnosed this past year with narcolepsy and cataplexy at the age of 22. I am currently taking modafinil. I have a quick couple of questions. 1) I know modafinil is a IV controlled substance in the states, and subject to be seized at the border even if to buy it online. Has any Canadians traveling to the states had issues with it?

What are the strongest and effective nootropic for anxiety?

ANXIETY SUGGESTIONS? So... I've been abusing benzo's too much recently (I KNOW) and need a handle on anxiety that doesn't revolve around them (or Phenibut). I think high doses of taurine (like over 2-3 grams) and magnesium malate. Works quite well actually, but I need more suggestions. I also have L-theanine.

Adderall vs Addium - how does it compare?

What has me really sold is the Tyrosine.. from what I gathered on web md and other info site Tyrosine helps with Narcolepsy ( I was sold right there...)!!!! If I can find a alternative to Adderall but does harm my body like Adderall can do and not make me feel like a drug addict while also help the rest of my body function like "normal" I'm all for it!!! Well let's face it no one is normal so I should say properly... lol.. As of now is anyone else on Addium? Can you compare Adderall vs Addium?

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